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Hello and welcome to A website dedicated to skin care tips and the beauty, the health and enhancement of skin. We love the feel, the look, the fragrance of healthy skin. And we also love to see the joy that having sensual, soft, supple skin brings to those that have it. 

Our core belief is:  everyone is entitled to the healthiest most beautiful skin they can achieve.

Skin Care Tips

The whole purpose of this website is to provide quality, timely skin care tips-about safe, effective, and economical skin care--skin care products and methods,  because (and it may sound trite but it’s true) take care of your skin, because your skin takes care of you.

Many people don’t realize, but your skin is the largest organ in your body. Its job is to protect our bodies from disease, toxins and the environment. The average person has eight pounds of skin measuring out to twenty -two square feet.

Skin consists of three main layers: the outer layer-the epidermis-which produces new skin cells as the old ones die off in a never ending cycle of renewal. This layer also produces the pigment that gives skin its color. The second layer-the dermis- houses nerves, blood vessels, hair follicles, and two very important constituents collagen and elastin. The third layer-the subcutaneous--is pretty much all collagen and fat, which helps absorb any blows to the body to protect internal organs from damage.

This extraordinary organ does an exemplary job of stopping many forms of bacteria and viruses from entering our bodies and threatening our overall well-being. It does this twenty-for hours a day, seven days a week fifty-two weeks a year.....  Well you get the idea. Do any of us ever even notice how much it has done? Not really.


What about toxins?  Our modern world is nothing like the environment our fore-parents lived in. Recall the old joke? - “Remember when air was clean and sex was dirty?”

Both air and water tend to contain toxins these days - toxins that can be very detrimental to our skin. Sometimes the worst place for toxins is our home. Again your skin does an admirable job at protecting you from many of these toxins.

Last but not least is the human attraction--our skin provides for others. Especially the opposite sex, something women seem to know instinctually!

These are some of the things that our skin does for us.

Having good skin - meaning nice looking, healthy skin, soft to the touch is very important. Nature gave us a great foundation, just look at how incredibly beautiful the skin of a child is.

As we get older our skin does change and can sometimes lose some of its innate beauty. But there are methods and procedures and products that can greatly help you in your battle against aging skin. Things you can do to reverse aging and damage. There are also things you need to know about skincare products because they can be a danger to your skin.

Take care, be aware for great skincare, explore our skin care tips website.

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