Absolutely Natural Skin Care

What is absolutely natural skin care? If I may? It would seem to me, to be skin care devoid of things like chemical peels (alpha hydroxy acid), botox injections, plastic surgery. Those things may have their place, but not for natural skin care.

Many people today, especially those concerned with health consequences, want a natural alternative. Something the comes entirely from nature,  products free of parabens, fragrances, alcohol, and things like parabens. Folks who think like this go out of their way to avoid things like aspartame, GMO foods (genetically modified), fish oil processed from heavily polluted waters like the North Sea, etc.

So the question is -- does absolutely natural skin care even exist?

In a word -YES.

Ancient peoples found ways to look after their skin and they certainly didn’t do it by shopping at the local Target Store!!!  

Oatmeal has been used since at least 2800 BC as a way to help skin. In order for it to work it must be ‘colloidal’ (finely powdered) oatmeal. That means that a package of steel cut oats won’t do.

When looking for natural skin care. The are certain ingredients that are an absolute must!!

For more detailed info check out the Skincare Overview

For instance a kelp has been used for centuries, keratin is required for high quality skin care. Coenzyme Q10 which is produced by your body and helps cells preform their chemical reactions, but sometimes you need more. You can get a lot from the foods you eat but sometimes you need to augment your supply.

What I am saying is this - if you want to eat organic apples. You don’t have to go climb a ladder in an organic apple orchard and harvest them yourself. You can (with a little research) find them on store shelves.

The same is true of absolutely natural skin care products. You can find them for sale in the market place. In many case right along side the toxic stuff. 

The key is being able to understand and differentiate between the two.

That’s where a little information and education comes in! Is this something difficult to learn or hard to remember? Absolutely not!  And it really is worth the effort.

Human skin is resistant to many dangerous toxins, but it is also penetrable to many others. This means you need to be aware of what you should and should NOT put on our skin.  A terrific to measure that is is with this simple test.

Could you safely put it in your mouth? (never mind the taste issue - LOL). If you could -- that means it’s pretty safe to put on your skin.

I can only present so much on a given web page and stay interesting, short, relevant and concise.

Here is a quick list of the top three ingredients you need to look for truly absolutely natural skin care.

Kanapa ™ blend is a blend of antioxidants, natural oils and aloe.

It improves the look and feel of skin by reducing a oxidative stress. It is highly sought as an additive for skin and hair care products. 

DermaCon - Elsewhere on this website you will find mention of the fact. The only way to increase elastin & collegen in your skin is by helping your body produce more. You can't add either to your skin with creams or lotions, but you can use skincare products that contain DermaCon to promote elastin and collegen growth. Which DermaCon does, along with increased skin resilience.

Co-Q10 Lots of products today have COQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). in them. Here is the issue, most of those products contain a form of COQ10 - which cannot be absorbed through your skin.

Lots of products today have COQ10 (Coenzyme Q10). in them. Here is the issue, most of those products contain a form of COQ10 - which cannot be absorbed through your skin.

A special enhanced version Nano-Lipobelle H-EQ10 (a mixture of both COQ10 and vitamin E) has been formulated to allow these wonderful nutrients to pass deeply into your skin, because this mixture can penetrate deeply, it nourishes your skin, attacks free radicals, and helps the skin cells remain active. The net result? The look of wrinkles will be reduced and your skin will look younger.

Facts About Hydration

shower filtration system

Your body needs water. It is absolutely essential for good health and good skin. You can wash your skin perfectly clean, but if you aren't drinking enough water. The effects can very well manifest as bad skin

Did you know you can be dehydrated and not realize it? Sometimes dehydration shows up as hunger pangs. And over eating because you are actually thirsty can lead to significant weight gain.

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