Acne Skin Care

You need Acne skin care when you suffer from acne. But let’s ask this question first:

What causes Acne and the need for Acne Skin Care?

Interestingly enough Acne occurs generally in western cultures. There are cultures on this planet where Acne is unknown and Acne skin care is not needed.

There are many theories -- some going back to the 19th century -- as to the cause of this affliction, when Acne was called the “Stone-Pock” by early physicians.

For years many believed it was caused by the angst of simply being a teenager, brought on by feelings of shame and guilt. (as if being a teenager wasn’t tough enough)

It was even linked to: eating chocolate--not bathing frequently enough - impure thoughts on and on. Making those young people afflicted feel even worse during those trying years!!!

Acne is not found in:

the Kitavan islanders  of Papua New Guinea - Nor in African Bantus or Zulus - Not in Okinawans (the longest lived people on the planet) - Not in the Inuit of Northern Canada. NONE.... No Acne--NONE at all.

Such geological disparateness shows it cannot be of genetic origin.

So what is it? Why do most western teenagers and many adults suffer from Acne and need to find effective treatment? 

If you look close

there is a common thread that connects these societies.

That common thread is these societies do not normally eat grains especially Wheat.  They don’t eat wheat and they don’t have Acne.  Why is that? Coincidence? Most Likely Not.

Recently science linked wheat consumption to:  type 2 diabetes, dementia, celiac disease, high cholesterol and Acne!! Really? wheat?  Yes!, Really! Wheat!

The inflammation the wheat causes in the skin causes an increase in production of sebum (the oily substance the body produces to lubricate the skin). The increased sebum production and inflammation of the skin cause the telltale red pimples to form.

Wheat consumption-whether villainized White Bread or recommended Whole wheat Bread, that Wrap at lunch, the big pasta dish for dinner, or that delicious donut as a snack or dessert all involve consuming wheat.

Consumption of Wheat

has been shown to cause very high blood sugars, which in turn increase insulin levels in the body and that triggers more Acne growth.

How and why this happens when you eat wheat is far too complicated to be explained here, but read the Book “Wheat Belly” by Doctor William Davis. You’ll be hard pressed to dismiss the information based on extensive research found in Doctor Williams’ book. 

Once you understand how toxic modern genetically altered wheat really is. You may choose to stop eating wheat and you may find your Acne disappears. Now wouldn’t that be a great Acne skin care treatment?

Some experts will pooh pooh this information. Not everyone is on board yet with the toxicity of wheat. But the information is spreading quickly.

Please don’t just take mine or Doctor Williams’ word for it, but try this: give up wheat products and see what happens to your Acne and your overall health. More than likely you will be very pleased with the results.

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