All Natural Man Skin Care

All natural man skin care - so are we looking for an all natural man who wants great quality skin care? LOL Probably not. But people using this search term most likely are searching for all natural skin care for male skin.

When it comes to male skin care. It is important to note -- Male skin is in fact different from female skin.

Male skin is thicker than female skin by approximately 20% or so. Male skin also has a higher production level of collagen and elastin. The two main elements that contribute to firm, smooth skin.

It seems Men just naturally have smoother, firmer skin with less wrinkles to begin with. Women on the other hand are softer, primarily because of hormone levels (more estrogen than men), and a layer of fat beneath their skin that men don’t have.

Men have more bone and muscle mass, which consequently makes their skin less soft. But in the grand scheme of things. They still still need to look after their skin properly.

Washing your face and body with a bar of harsh hand soap is a definite No No!

Men's skin tends to face even more exposure to the harsh elements of the real world (wind, rain, cold, snow, air borne pollution and sun). So it is important that  male skin care be as safe and effective as skin care specifically targeted for women.

It seems nature intended men to have smooth firm skin and women to have smooth soft skin. Viva Le Difference!!!

Because of this difference -- male skin care products need to be formulated for male skin.

Many companies out there have pretty good products for women, but their stuff for men falls short. Subsequently men have a more difficult time finding skin care products that are either all natural man skin care or are ineffective or both.

This can be rather discouraging for many men. But there is a solution. A nifty little company that has decided to spend it’s profits on high quality research and development rather than slick advertising. It deals entirely through the internet.

It has developed what I believe are the very best all natural male skin care products available in the market today. Why do  I say that? Am I just a shill for some corporate entity that really only cares about profits?

Think about this! This terrific little company not only makes what I honestly believe are the very best male skin care products around, but they also backup their products with a one year money back guarantee. That’s right a full 365 days to make sure it’s right for you. That’s one company that has put it’s money where it’s mouth is.

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