Beautiful-Skin. Something all of us want. When we hear that term we often think of a barrage of advertising that claims their product will give us the beautiful skin we long for.  But there is really much more to it than that.

Let’s look at the basics of skin. Skin consists of 3 main parts:

The Epidermis is Outer layer of our skin. The Dermis is the layer situated just below the epidermis and the Fatty layer (not a great name -but I swear I didn’t pick it) is just below that.

The Epidermis is the layer of skin the world sees of you and the one that sees the world. This portion of your skin -- protects you from the environmental onslaught -- we all face on a daily basis. It is the barrier the holds in moisture, handles wounds, regulates body temperature and sends most harmful bacteria and viruses packing.

It can feel pain - from things like insect stings, cuts, burns and itching, yet at the same time it is extremely sensitive to a gentle touch, caress - or a massage - which can foster relaxation, love or kindle ardent passion.

The Dermis - the second layer of skin. This is where all the biological magic that makes our skin look good takes place.

The key component of the dermis - is collagen - in fact it makes up nearly 70% of the Dermis -- the other 30% or so is elastin, sebaceous glands, sweat glands, hair follicles, and cells from our immune system. This layer of skin is extremely tough and resilient.

The third layer -- the Fatty layer consists of mainly of fat cells and elastin fibers. Laying beneath the first two layers the fatty layer provides insulation and protection for our other organs.

You may have noticed - This fatty layer is Not uniform throughout the body. It’s thickness varies - depending on where it is located. Note - the skin of our eyelids contains almost None of this fatty layer. Whereas many of us can attest to the fact -  ample quantities can be found across many of our bellies.

It’s in this layer where cellulite forms.

Those are the three main parts of skin. All three parts are made-up of skin cells (for more information about skin-cells Click here)

All three of these parts combine to create the different skin-types we seen around the world. Most often when we think of skin-types we think about dry - oily - medium or combination skin, but skin types are much more extensive. To find out more about skin-types <== Click here!

But how do they work together to create the synergy of beautiful-skin?

The key is collagen. Do you remember a term we have so often heard and many of us have used to describe the feel of beautiful skin - ‘Smooth as a Baby’s Bum’?

Well that’s because a baby’s skin is chock full of collagen. All toddlers have a clear fresh look to their skin with a velvety smooth feel. All because collagen production is in full force. That's right your body produces collagen. It acts like the soft part of a mattress - while elastin -the stuff that holds everything together - could be compared to the springs found inside a mattress.

Collagen helps heal wounds and reduces scar tissue.

But sadly collagen production slows down and levels off in your 20s and 30s. It eventually stops completely causing your collagen levels to decrease.

The sun and daily exposure to the environment can exacerbate this loss. Once collagen is lost sagging skin and wrinkles are in your future.

Lots of products sold on the market today contain collagen and they also claim this will help your skin. But none have ever proven to do so -- except for a vitamin A product called ‘tretinion’. Clinical testing has shown this product does seem to have a positive effect.

Why have all the other products failed? Because the collagen molecule found in these products is too large to pass through human skin. If the collagen cannot pass through the epidermis. There is NO way it can help your skin.

The key to beautiful-skin is to understand how your skin works -- what nourishes it and just as important what can harm your skin.

For more detailed information about collagen and beautiful skin Click Here!!!

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