Skin-Cells are what makes beautiful skin -- beautiful -- and are the base components of all skin types.

There are 3 major layers of human skin:

  • The Epidermis
  • The Dermis
  • The Fatty layer

All three of these layers consist of millions upon millions of skin cells.

The Cells that make up human skin are:

Keratinocytes - These cells make up most of the epidermis and produce keratin which is the element that makes up finger, Toe nails, hair, feathers, hoofs, claws, horns and yes -- it is found in human skin. It provides strength and a certain amount of rigidity in the outer layers of the skin.

Keratin is a very important element for having beautiful and resilient skin

The very best skin care products contain high quality keratin -- not the stuff derived from horns or hoofs through high temperature heating, but a gentler version of Keratin obtained from safe, natural and renewable sources like wool from sheep, that really help Keratinocyte cells thrive.

Fibroblasts - These are the cells in your skin that produce collagen -- that’s the stuff that makes your skin -- soft, smooth, supple and wrinkle free. It’s these skin-cells you especially want to take care of and protect by using skin care products designed to enhance these cells.

Melanocytes - These cells manufacture melanin. Melanin is the pigment in your skin that guards against ultraviolet radiation damage to your skin’s DNA. Damaged DNA will  mean a future of dry, sagging, wrinkled skin or worse skin cancer.

Damage  from Ultraviolet radiation can come from the (Sun’s rays or from Tanning beds).

What many do not realize is - a deep rich tan is your body attempting to prevent further damage to your skin’s DNA. So many people believe a tan is a sign of good health - nothing could be further from the truth.

The obvious answer -- use sun screen of at least SPF 25 when out in the sun and avoid tanning beds and salons completely.

A word to the wise -- don’t be sucked-in by Tanning Salon advertisements stating the their UV rays are much different and safer than the Sun. Think of the logic of that statement the Sun’s rays are dangerous, but the artificial light tanning salons generate is safe.

These statements are reminiscent of the defense Tobacco companies put forth for years about there being NO proof smoking was harmful.

So many people today tanned a lot in their youth and now the effects are showing up as -- premature aging of the skin - meaning wrinkles that should not be there.

And in worst case scenarios - Skin Cancer -- with ongoing treatment -- if they’re lucky, because skin cancer can be fatal -- to control the problem for the rest of their lives. 

So ask yourself -- is having a glorious tan in your young adult years worth looking prematurely aged in your 40s & 50s? Because that’s where you are headed. Tanning is one of the very worst things you can do to your skin-cells long term.

Langerhans - These cells function with the body’s immune system. protecting your skin and you from many harmful elements like fungi, parasites, bacteria etc.

These cells combine to make up all skin types.  taking care of your skin at the cellar level is important and simple.

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