All people consist of skin-types. And most often that is thought of as -- oily, normal, dry and combination skin, but there is a more specific skin type scale -- based on pigmentation that has been created. 

A really cool and smart dude - Dr. Thomas Fitzpatrick came up with a more precise  system to recognize skin-types -- base on pigmentation and the effect of sunlight on that pigmentation. His scale determined how sun exposure would cause skin to burn.

He came up with six different skin types:

Type 1 - Extremely fair skinned people. Many of these people have blonde or red hair and often numerous freckles. Their eye color tends to be blue or green.

This type of skin must be protected from the sun all the time. It cannot tan and burns if over exposed to harsh ultraviolet rays.

Type 2 - is fair skin with light sandy brown to brown hair. Folks with this type of skin tend toward green and brown eyes. Skin like this rarely tans and only with great difficulty. Most of the time the skin just burns.

Type 3 - we would have to call this medium skin which is easier to tan but can burn as well. The people with this type of skin usually have brown hair and brown eyes.

Type 4 - a beautiful olive color to the skin - black or brown hair and dark brown or black eyes. this type of skin tans with ease and almost never burns.

Type 5 - this is a gorgeous dark brown skin with standard black hair and most often black eyes. This type of skin can handle sun exposure easily tanning more often then burning.

Type 6 - Black or very dark brown skin with a wonderful blue black sheen. Hair and eyes the same black. This type skin can with stand long hours in direct sunlight - never burns and tans quite readily.

While all these types of skin are beautiful it is important for you to understand your skin type - and where it’s at today.


Yes! because skin changes over time as we age and the longer we live the more likely our skin type has become something entirely different than what it once was.

This means many skin care products - that once worked really well in your youth may no longer give you the results you want or the ones you’ve come to expect.
Often you have to rethink and change what you are doing and what you are using to maintain the skin you want.

Have you noticed the common theme amongst all the skin types?

It’s the issue of Tanning - of Burning- with exposure to Ultraviolet light whether from  Sunlight or artificially derived from Tanning beds. It’s not good for your skin.

When it comes to skin care -- working and playing in the sun or visiting tanning beds and NOT using sunblock means -- WRINKLES -- premature aging of the skin and the distinct possibility of skin Cancer.  Issues you wouldn’t have had to face - had you used Sun Block and/or stayed away from tanning Salons on an ongoing basis.

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