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When it comes to acne care natural skin products -- the vast majority of the discussion has always focused on topical solutions (creams and ointments).

Here is a little different take -- we will be talking about how to deal with Acne Skin care from the inside out. A discussion -if you will of how you can combat acne internally - within your body.

Natural solutions have always been overshadowed by medical responses. But many acne suffers have been frustrated by the Doctors’ lack of success in curing their condition.

Lately Medicine has discovered a condition called “Oxidative Stress” which tends to be much higher in people with acne then those with healthy skin.

What is “Oxidative Stress’?

In a nutshell, it is a severe lack of antioxidants in the skin. A shortage of antioxidants allows free radicals to damage the Sebum (the oil found in our skin at the base of hair follicles) by lowering its oxygen content.

A reduced oxygen level allows Propionibacterium (common bacteria found all over the human body and normally fairly benign) to flourish and multiply at a much greater than normal rate. 

As a result hair follicles become clogged, Sebum production increases and the bacteria in turn, add their own inflammatory attack on your skin. This loss of antioxidants and the  ensuing oxidation of sebum is what causes those blackheads and whiteheads to form, often surrounded by red inflamed skin -- better known as Acne.

So controlling inflammation in both your skin and your whole body is important. To learn more about the link Medical Science has established check out (“The Secret Killer — The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and HEART ATTACKS, CANCER, ALZHEIMER’S and other diseases.”  -- from the cover of Time Magazine Feb 2004)

Science has linked this whole body inflammation with a myriad of deadly diseases - more common today then ever before and this includes skin problems.

Bad skin can be a symptom of serious whole body inflammation -- which needs to be addressed, but it can also mean -- if you eliminate whole body inflammation -- your skin problems will clear up.

Medicine-- still - does not know the exact cause of Acne.

Guard your body from excessive mineral loss by drinking tap water. WHAT?! Tap water!? Yep, there is nothing wrong with tap water - except for the chlorine!
need to boost their antioxidants, to fight systemic inflammation and reduce oxidative stress.

When it comes to acne care natural skin -- hydration is one of the most important things you can do for your skin. That means drinking water-- lots of water -- Not soda and tea and coffee! But water - good clean fresh water.

The kind of of water you drink makes a huge difference as well. Distilled and reverse osmosis water will draw nutrients from your body. That’s why this type of water is used during a detoxification regime.

If your goal is to detoxify your body, then this is the type of water to use, but care must be taken -- the Japanese call this kind of water ‘Dead Water’ for it is devoid of all toxins, but also healthy minerals as well. Drinking water of this type will pull toxins from your body,  cleansing and clearing, but the same process also draws out important nutrients and minerals your body needs. To maintain optimal health, these lost minerals must be replaced. 

Why do I bring this up? Because most bottled water - on the market today is reverse osmosis water and drinking that kind all the time will cause mineral loss.

Study after study has shown Tap-Water in North America is better quality than most of the bottled water found anywhere in the world. Surprised? And Tap water costs less! A lot less. For daily hydration tap water it is the better choice.

I know what you are saying!! What about the chlorine? A dangerous toxin!  Chlorinated water has saved hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives over the years from dreaded water borne diseases - so it is a necessary  evil. But you do need to get rid of it.

Chlorine is fairly easy to remove. It tends to evaporate out of water fairly quickly. Leave a jug of tap water on the counter all day and most if not all chlorine is eliminated. 

In a hurry? Invest in a high quality 2 stage carbon water filter.  That’s what will remove the chlorine instantly. The best water filters reduce the presence of chlorine to undetectable levels. (No water filter can claim 100% removal). but many counter-top or pitcher systems claim up to only 70% -- of the chlorine removed.

Ask your self this - Would you eat a sandwich that claimed up to 70% of any beach sand had been removed? Or would you be more likely to eat a sandwich where the beach sand had been reduced to undetectable levels? Meaning you couldn’t see any -taste any - or feel any or be affected by it?.

You may wonder why I have brought this up? Well I’d feel bad, if your acne care natural skin was just fine, while you were laying in the coffin at the funeral home. I know -- a little facetious!  But so much of what we suffer from, has causes rooted in the things we consume. If we change or improve what we put in our bodies the results can be dramatic.

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Our skin is constantly exposed and attacked by a real world environment of -- UV rays, Oxygen 3 (ozone) from Smog pollution, and many harsh chemicals found in personal care products.

It often requires an increased need for antioxidant protection. Acne care natural skin products can help a great deal in reducing or eliminating Acne, by reducing or eliminating oxidative stress.

As you know, some of the very best antioxidants are found in Fish oil and hempseed oil. (Hemp Seed Oil is great for Vegans and those trying to reduce their consumption of animal products). Both contain huge quantities of the -- omega oils, 3 6 and 9.

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f you can manage inflammation in your skin and in your body you are on the road to clear healthy acne care natural skin

Although I originally said this information would focus on internal solutions, I would be remiss if I did NOT mention outstanding topical solutions using Vitamin E. 

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Acne natural skin care is a combination of proper diet, sometimes a nutritional supplement, proper hydration and a high quality topical preparation. This combination will work wonders in eliminating inflammation and making your acne a memory!!

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