All Natural Skin Care

When we hear the term - all natural skin care -- what do we think of? Exotic locations like the tropical rain-forests of the world with happy aboriginals scouring the forest for plants, which they turn over to distinguished looking scientists - in white lab coats-- who analyze the make up of the plants found, and determine the exact blend needed to create skin care products of a totally natural origin for the use of people around the world?

Well - Probably not!

But let’s face it today there is a great deal of interest in skin care products that don’t contain toxins. Products made from ingredients derived entirely from natural sources. But toxins can be derived from “entirely natural sources” as well. So the term all natural skin care has to be even more precise.

Since the beginning -- people everywhere have been interested in and actively involved in enhancing their beauty. Some did it with jewelry, some with make up, some with piercings, and some with tattoos, but it’s important to remember all enhancement of beauty begins with the right base. Good, healthy, clean skin.

Good healthy skin comes from not only keeping your skin clean, moisturized and protected from harsh environs, but also from internal sources--such as the right nutrition. There are vitamins and minerals which are crucial to good healthy skin. if you aren’t getting the proper amount of these vitamins -- their lack -- will show in your skin.

For more information about the importance of vitamins in skin care <== click here

Over the centuries people have found there is much in nature that does help skin, both externally and internally.

These natural sources can be from substances made by Bees -- honey, Bee’s wax, royal jelly and bee pollen. Herbs and components of plants also play a part in all natural skin care .

For instance drinking green tea is proven to help in maintaining beautiful skin. Asian cultures have been aware of this fact for centuries and Asian women are known for their beautiful skin.  Another secret of great skin in Asian cultures is Phytessence Wakame, a Japanese sea kelp. It is used both topically and consumed -- and does wonders for you skin.

Simple things like not smoking, avoiding excess alcohol, being careful with how much fast food you eat, and making sure you are drinking lots of fresh clean water all play an important role in maintaining good health and great skin.

By fresh clean water we mean water from your tap (that has the chlorine removed), but NOT important minerals that are needed by your body and tend to be missing from commercially bottled water.

Tap water with the chlorine removed is your best choice for all natural skin care.

No single thing listed here will make any dramatic changes in you skin -- good or bad, but a combination of all these things -  will produce results -- either good or bad.

It’s your skin and your choice. 

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