Anti Aging Skin Care

The question is what makes for the best anti aging skin care? Because, let’s face it, we can’t stop the actual aging process, but we sure can help our skin look its best as those birthdays pile up.

Our skin faces an ongoing assault every day from a world full of toxins. When you think about it, it really isn’t the fact we are getting older. It’s the fact our skin is exposed to this harsh environment for a longer period of time. The longer we live the longer our skin stays exposed.

The great thing about our skin is, it was designed to protect us for a lifetime and to keep  us looking good while doing that. That is what it was always meant to do. 

As we age the elements of our skin tend to degrade--or break down under this daily attack by the environment. Add to that a natural reduction in the amount of collagen and elastin our body produces - a loss of hyaluronic acid and our skin can start showing those fine lines, wrinkles and sags that we really don’t want to see. 

Is there anything we can do? Is there actual anti aging skin care?

YES -- there is!!!

The key to anti aging skin care is the BASICS!! Avoid the use of harsh soaps and extremely hot water -- these two tend to cause dryness -- individually and in a combination with each other.

Very hot or cold water is particularly hard on skin. Luke warm water is the best way to go using a mild cleanser. After you have thoroughly cleaned you skin, pat it dry, DON’T rub briskly with a towel.

Regardless of your skin type (dry, oily or a combination) now is the time to apply a moisturizer. (which is really a misnomer) Moisturizers DO NOT add moisture to your skin they simply protect the moisture that is already there. -- in grandma's time honey was used as a very effective moisturizer.

If you read the labels of modern high quality skin cleansers you will discover the very best contain Honey- but not just any Honey -- they contain a special manuka honey which is only found in New Zealand. Like all honey Manuka as antibacterial, antimicrobial, and anti inflammatory properties. But they are far more powerful in manuka than other honeys.

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Another terrific option is a facial cleansing mask -- a really great one can be found here! Click for more information about Cleansing Mask for Men and Women

Remember the skin around your eyes is very delicate and a lot thinner than in other parts of your body - which is one of the reasons many people windup with dark circles around their eyes. So be gentle when cleansing around your eyes - applying or removing make up.

If possible -- a sauna can be very good for your skin -- it opens your pores, causes you to sweat forcing deep down dirt and toxins out. (But remember TOO much sauna can cause dehydration - don’t over expose your skin).

A regime of these steps done on a regular basis will produce--over time--a significant improvement in your skin. One that you will be proud to display!!!

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Is there anything you can do to prevent aging skin? Yes!!!

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