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Skin cancer is one of the most common skin diseases and the most common cancer in the U.S.A. Basal-cell cancer and Squamous-cell cancer are far more common then Melanoma and far less deadly. These two cancers are normally found on the head, face, neck, hands, and arms. Which gives more credence to the belief sun-exposure over the years is responsible.

So play it safe - use sun block when outdoors on all your exposed skin and absolutely avoid the tanning salon -- especially if you are very light skinned and/or have freckles.

Light and dark skin are naturally beautiful. When they’re healthy! Work at keeping them that way and you’ll look good doing it!!

Moles -- Technically not actually a skin disease. Moles are included here with the most common skin diseases because they are growths on the skin. Growths which can change into Cancer.

People average between 10 to 40 moles on their bodies. New moles may appear from time to time -- this usually ends about age 40. About 10% of people have a least one mole that looks different or unusual from the others - -these are the ones you need your medical practitioner to keep an eye on. It is the atypical type moles that are more likely than normal ones to turn into melanoma -the deadliest form of skin Cancer and one of the most common skin diseases. Look for any change in the mole - has it gotten larger, changed color, or have you or your doctor noticed anything else that’s different?

Psoriasis -- (the P is silent) affects the skin with scaling and swelling. This condition simply cannot be left out of any list of common skin diseases. It is an over abundance of skin cells growing very quickly while NOT sloughing off the way normal skin cells do. Most of the time psoriasis shows up as patches of thick, reddish skin with silvery scales

They can be extremely itchy or just feel sore. Psoriasis is most often found on elbows, knees, shins, scalp, the face, palms of the hands and soles of the feet. But it can show up any where.

It is a puzzling disease hard to diagnose - not well understood. It wasn’t until 1979 that science--quite by accident- discovered it was immune system related.

Although there are topical medications available. Light therapy is highly recommended. Exposure to sunlight helps a great deal -- Ultraviolet light B -- which can be gotten from the sun or special UVB lighting sources is the key. Don’t confuse the UVB with UVA. Ultraviolet A is only effective in treating psoriasis when used in combination with a light-sensitizing medication other wise it’s useless.

Avoid tanning salons completely their output is only the UVA and will not work.
When using the sun for treatment against psoriasis always use sun block on areas of normal skin. The sun’s rays that help against the disease cause damage to unprotected normal skin. Definitely be careful not to sunburn.

Rashes -- can be dry, itchy, skin can become reddish and these can happened to anyone. Rashes can show up on the face--the inside of the elbows--behind the knees on the hands on the feet. There are innumerable causes of rashes. To avoid them make note of when they occur. Try to determine what is causing them and avoid it. Gentle cleansing--a good moisturizer--medication if required-- if they are chronic talk to your medical professional.

Rosacea - it has no cure - so even when president Bill Clinton had a flare up all the  Doctors could do was try to lessen its severity. The biggest problem with it is it hits frequently - normally causing the nose to swell-up -- the skin on the face to thicken. It causes small red lines just under the skin. The skin around the eyes -including the eye lids becomes noticeably red. It’s the kind of affliction that needs a medical professional to diagnose.

Wrinkles -- Many would not consider wrinkles a skin disease. And getting older doesn’t mean your skin should be getting wrinkles, brown age spots and become much drier.

Over exposure to the sun, tanning beds, and cigarette smoking ALL contribute to wrinkled older looking skin.

The more cigarettes per day and the more years you smoke - means the greater number and more pronounced your wrinkles will be. A whole host of skin care products out there--claim to revitalize aging skin, most DO NOT work. it is important that you do enough research to find the ones that do.

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