Dry Skin

Something that has plagued people since time immemorial is dry skin. Just about everyone suffers from it at one time or another, but with some folks it can be a chronic problem. The big question is what causes it in the first place? The answer? There are really a number of different causes to be concerned with.

Winter! Bone-chilling temperatures are mostly accompanied by extremely dry air and dry air will quickly suck the moisture from your skin. People suffer with chapped lips, itchy skin - the skin on the fingers around the nails cracks and bleeds and is very painful.

Then there is central heating, which was a boon to people living in the northern climes of bitter cold. The warmth flowing from the furnace allowed people to enjoy life indoors even with the most brutal temperatures outside.

Here’s the thing. If you don’t have a good working humidifier the air inside your home in mid winter can be drier then the air of the Sahara desert. This indoor dry air will also suck the moisture from your skin. Make sure your humidifier is working and keeping the humidity at between 45% to 55% to make the environment perfect for your skin.

Before you head outside for any extended period during bitter winter weather-- make sure you have protected your most exposed body parts - your lips - your face, and your hands with a scarf and gloves or mittens.

Hot Tubs & Long Hot Showers or Baths

There is really nothing so comforting on a bitterly cold winter’s night as the idea of a long lingering stay in a hot tub, shower or bath. The warmth soothes both body and soul. But this will NOT do your skin any favors. Very hot water tends to draw out and remove the natural protective oils from our skin. The longer you expose your skin the more dry your skin becomes.

For the hot tub -- there are products you can add to the water to limit the amount of moisture loss to your skin.

For showers and baths reduce the temperature and keep your visit short. It’s a good idea to PAT yourself dry with a towel rather the rub briskly. Remember to use a high quality, toxin free, moisturizer immediately after a hot tub, shower or bath.

Soaps That Steal Moisture

The choice you make of the soap you keep in your soap dish, will have a huge impact on how dry your skin gets.

Heavy duty harsh cleaning soaps will strip away - quite effectively - your skin’s natural moisture barrier. Experts (dermatologists) and the like recommend MILD soaps. Choose a fragrance free soap - fragrances can be toxic. Whether you decide on liquid or bar soap always choose the one that states it’s formulated to  prevent dry skin. You’ll be glad you did.

Scrubbing the Skin

We’ve all seen in the movies. The doctor in the scrub room scouring his hands and arms roughly and briskly. Believe it or not that isn’t something you need to do, unless your are specifically ‘exfoliating’ your skin. Gentle cleansing with your hands or a soft washcloth is fine. Which means that scrubby sponge can be put away for only occasional use.

Getting Too Dry

A nice lukewarm quick shower will add moisture to your skin. Scrubbing off with a towel immediately after the shower will strip that moisture away. Luckily your skin will absorb some moisture, but in order to keep it you need to seal it in. Pat yourself dry, but leave your skin slightly damp and immediately apply a high quality-- toxin free -- moisturizer. This technique works great!!!

If you suffer from dry skin -- Check out a great moisturizer.

Remember your face needs a different type of moisturizer! To moisturize your face and neck -- check out Women’s - Day Cream.

There is also a male version (because men do have different skin issues) check out Men’s - Facial Fluid.

Getting Older Yep the age clock ticks away and our bodily systems -- well they tend to slow down a bit as we age. But this can be reversed and your skin revitalized.

First you need to regrowth Collagen & Elastin, get rid of hyaluronidase’ an enzyme that attacks hyaluronic acid, attack and reduce free radicals.

You can very easily stimulate growth of Collagen & Elastin with ‘Xtend-TK’ which contains Keratin--a protein your skin needs to promote growth of Collagen and Elastin. A major breakthrough in skin care. Applying this stuff is like put NEW skin on your face.

Number two issue is the importance of hyaluronic acid. (HA). There is good quantities of HA in young skin. As we age HA lessens in our bodies in response to ‘hyaluronidase’ an enzyme that attacks hyaluronic acid. So what can be done?

Fortunately nature has answer (is it interesting that nature can provide so many solutions - when we actually look). A strain of sea kelp produces a extract called Wakame which has been proven to reduce hyaluronidase and thus allow the HA in your body to increase. This means your skin becomes smoother softer and more supple.

Then we need to eliminate free radicals in our skin. One of the very best antioxidants is Coenzyme Q10 or CQ10. Numerous products on the market list CQ10 on the label. What they don’t tell you is CQ10 is molecularly too large to be absorbed and used by your skin. Luckily there is a version of CQ10 called Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10 which has been specially developed to be easily absorbed by your skin and do an incredible job knocking down those free radicals.

Irritants are pretty straightforward - anything that irritates you or cause s dry skin should be avoided. Does your favorite sweater feel scratchy? It might be the fabric itself (some types of wool make me itch). Or it could be fabric softener, laundry soap. Anything that contains fragrances or perfumes is suspect, because they are known skin irritants.

The solution is actually real simple. If you do find your skin being irritated for no apparent reason -- switch to laundry products free of dyes and fragrances. Look for ones that say they are formulated for sensitive skin. Could be that is all you need to do.

Clothes made from natural products cotton, silk, and hemp tend to keep your skin free from irritation.  Wool even though it is a natural product can be an irritant as can polyester. High quality wool like Merino or Cashmere is usually no problem.

100% pure cotton percale sheets are a good choice for your bed, but don’t just grab them because they say they are ‘Percale’, make sure they also say they are 100% cotton, not a blend with polyester. These kind of sheets are easier on your skin while you sleep.

Your Health - is your skin rough and do you suffer from dry skin because you are lacking vitamins? Minerals? A lack of vitamin A is a culprit, vitamin B deficiencies! E & D too!  Do you have an underlying medical condition causing the dryness?

Type 2 diabetes can cause chronic dry skin. Kidney disease can bring on chronic itching.

Are you getting enough fluids each day? Dehydration - a lack of water in your body can cause dry skin. Did you know you can be dehydrated and not feel thirsty? Is the water you are drinking -- free of toxins like chlorine

Don’t put up with dry skin!!! Any ongoing chronic skin issues should NOT be neglected -- if you try the tips and product information here, and don’t see any improvement. It’s time to see your medical professional.

For more information about how to prevent dry skin and  supplements for good skin click here!

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