Natural Skin Care Tips

Grandma's natural skin care tips versus today's healthy skin products ...

Ask yourself this question: Is the modern era with all the available skin care products the first time people have had really nice healthy skin?  The obvious answer is of course not!!

Natural Skin Care Tips

People especially women have been admired, desired and worshipped down through the ages for their beauty and the very definition of beauty begins with healthy skin.

Healthy beautiful skin has been sought by human beings, since human beings became human beings. And long before giant corporations set an artificial standard of beauty for millions of women around the world. Grandma knew a few interesting techniques and methods for taking care of her skin and keeping Grandpa interested.

A 150 years ago, when much of North America was rural - folks didn’t always have the opportunity to access the latest in skin care technology. They had to make do. And these people were not only hardy and smart but they were resourceful--especially the women. Think about it! Would men have spent any time in a pioneering situation concerned with ways to improve their skin? Only in a medicinal sense certainly not for esthetics.

Skin Care;   The Basics

Cleaning -- your skin

Beautiful skin begins with clean skin. Today many women will grab the nearest bar of soap--lather up--splash off the foam and consider it done. That’s OK for surface cleaning, but to really look-after your skin--you need to get into some serious deep cleaning.

Grandmother knew that, and she would--on a monthly basis perform a face sauna or steaming using a mixture of herbs that would open the pores of the skin and release deep down trapped dirt and grime, which could then be cleaned away. (Be sure to use an astringent splash following the steaming process to shrink the pores down to proper size again). These natural skin care tips still work well today!

One challenge Grandma didn’t have to face is the kind of industrial pollutants found in both water and air in our modern world. Skin exposed to this environment is exposed to these toxins and grime on a daily basis. Often the simple but effective methods Grandma used may not be enough today.

There is an answer, a small relatively unknown skin care company -- dedicated to providing high quality skin care products that are safe, effective, all natural and inexpensive. A company that has decided to spend its profits on research and NOT advertising manufactures a facial scrub I am particularly impressed with.  It’s a solution Grandma would have come up with. If you like the sound of that--click on the link and check out the terrific facial cleansers this company makes. Take a look at their other great products and natural skin care tips too - you are sure to be impressed. 

Protecting - your skin 

How are you protecting your skin? Sunshine is great and we all need it to be healthy. But too much sun is really bad for your skin! How much is too much? When your skin begins to tan you’ve exposed it to too much sunlight. Wait! How can that be? A tan is beautiful it makes you look good!  Understand what dermatologists are saying: A tan is the last-ditched effort by your skin to stop the damage the sun’s rays are causing!! So sun screen is a must!  

A good sun block is key to protecting your skin in the out of doors. Now grandma knew that hemp seed oil makes a terrific sun block. I’m not allowed to tell you that! But it’s something that grandma knew. 

The important thing is be careful out in the sun--use a sun block and avoid tanning salons at all costs -- these rays are very dangerous. A tan is not a good idea.

But suppose you do get too much sun. What can you do? Moisturize!! In fact you really should moisturize on a daily basis. ALL skin types need moisturizer -- oily, dry and combo skin. It doesn’t matter keeping the moisture in your skin helps keep it soft supple and radiant.

In order to moisturize you need a high quality effective non-toxic moisturizer for daily use. If none is available! Do what grandma did. She used what was available and effective: things like honey (yes good old honey -check the label of the finest moisturizers and you’ll see manuka honey listed as an ingredient), -- primrose butter -- quince moisturizer -- hemp see oil moisturizer. All these natural skin care tips worked and worked well for grandma. For more information on some outstanding moisturizers -- click here.

Feeding - your skin

Stay away from cigarettes -- don’t smoke -- not only is smoking bad for your skin. It’s bad for your eyes, your heart, your lungs, your entire body plus you will smell bad to any non-smoker you come across. Don’t feed your skin cigarette smoke. Drink lots clean fresh water and eat a healthy diet. 

These absolutely natural skin care tips will keep your skin healthy radiant and beautiful well into you’re advanced years.

Sadly many of the great herbal recipes of the past, that worked so well for our ancestors have been replaced with corporate concoctions that contain chemicals with names many of us can’t even pronounce. And don’t be fooled--skin care and cosmetics is huge multi-billion dollar industry. With formulas jealously guarded by these corporations. The spend huge dollars advertising their products, so adding chemicals that may in fact be harmful to create a unique formula they can patent in order to ensure profits is not beyond them. 

It’s your skin, your beauty, your choice.

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