Perfect Skin

Is Perfect Skin Possible?

Perfect skin is it possible? It’s a question we are sometimes are afraid to ask. A question though that has been asked for generations, by people from all over the world. Every culture on planet Earth has methods techniques to help enhance beauty. Almost everyone wants to know is it possible? 

To answer that question. We have to define what is meant by skin which is perfect.

Normally we mean skin that is clean, clear, blemish free, radiant to look at, offering those who see it - a youthful glow - regardless of age. It is soft, warm and supple to the touch and of course wrinkle free.

Skin that has all these attributes would in many cases be considered perfect.

But is it something we can create or is it something - set aside strictly for those lucky enough to have the genes, the parentage to produce those results? 

Maybe we can't have absolutely flawless skin. But there is much - we can do for ourselves. To work towards having skin as nearly prefect as possible. And most of the time we can do it inexpensively using all natural products (many of which we can create ourselves).

There are commercial products on the market that are wonderful for our march to having skin considered perfect. 

You must be aware though! These commercial skin care product market also has a great number of skin care products that are harsh and even though they can show temporary short -term success. In the long term, regular use will actually  damage your skin.

A bit of self education is in order. Remember the old adage “Knowledge is Power”.  In the case of skin care products - it is "a right on truth". 

This warning doesn't mean you can't have the results you wish! It simply means you must familiarize yourself with proper skin care methods, techniques and products.

Your first step is to have clean skin - especially your face.  Your face is the part of you body exposed naked to the world. It is susceptible to all the dangers, pollutants, and weather this world can throw at it.

You want to make sure that any and all industrial residue that adheres to your skin is removed. Is inefficiently removed without any undo harm to your face.

A daily gentle washing regime is the very best way to ensure that.

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