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This top skin care products site, SkinCare-Fanatic.com is--as the name says--fanatic about skin care information. Good honest skin care information. When your skin looks and feels good, you look and feel good.

All my life I have been a student - that is I have always questioned, asked why, wanted to know more, needed information, sometimes that attitude got me into trouble (the Sunday School teachers were exasperated with me), but it also served me well in that I very much enjoy the research involved in acquiring new knowledge. When I discover new important things I want to share it with everyone!

I first became interested in natural toxin free top skin care products when I was working as a photographer doing portraits, weddings, and advertising shoots. The women involved were always very concerned about how their skin looked. A great deal of effort was put forth -- making sure the skin looked just right -- and everyone preferred photos of themselves more tanned than they actually were.

This got me thinking and investigating skin care products. After seeing the results of a number of popular commercial products, I came to the realization that many ‘so-called’ top skin care products were actually dangerous to a person’s skin and even to their health.

Safe and Effective Products?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is charged with making sure any product is safe and effective when used as recommended.  They have approved skin care products based on occasional use -- similar to how aspartame has been approved for occasional consumption -- based on an average of you drinking one can of diet soda per-week. The problem is, how realistic is that? For both diet soda and commercially available top skin care products.

Many skin care products containing harsh ingredients -- when used more than occasionally-can cause skin problems and worsen any skin conditions you might have.

Does any one remember ‘Hexachlorophene’? This anti-bacterial agent was used by all the big commercial producers in hundreds of products, until Dermatologists discovered it was causing bad rashes by making skin far more sensitive to sunlight. Many people using these products--when exposed to sunlight suffered a serious skin reaction. And that wasn’t they only issue with this stuff. Once the problem was known the big companies (fearing lawsuits) quietly stopped putting it into their products.

A great rule of thumb to go by - “If you couldn’t put it in your mouth (poisonous, toxic, etc) DON’T put it on your skin!!”

My wife Patsi and I started this website with the goal of continuously bringing relevant information about the best ways to look after your skin, using safe natural products that work. I know those terms are over-used --- But they are so true.

So many people are unaware -- great skin comes from the inside out. It’s not just what you put on your body that can really benefit your skin. We have done and always will do our very best to present the best and most comprehensive solutions for skin care.

Explore this site and you will find links to more information and top skin care products that take care of your skin economically, using the best, greenest ingredients and are free of toxins and harsh chemicals.

For the record  (something I’m rather proud of ) -- 90% of people who try the recommended products the first time, repeat order them again and again.

Terry and Patsi

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