Vitamin For Dry Skin

The best vitamin for dry skin? When people think about dry skin, it has been an issue that has plagued folks down through the ages. It has only been in the last few centuries that people began to equate proper nutrition with health in general and vitamins for dry skin in particular.

And it’s not just vitamins for soft, supple, healthy skin. Other things are needed--like minerals and Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) they also play a huge role in combating dry skin.

Vitamin For Dry Skin

Oft times simply adding or increasing specific vitamins for dry skin will have amazing results -- in reducing the dryness of your skin. But also it is important to remember a lack of minerals and essential fatty acids can have a big impact on whether or not your skin will be much drier than it should be.

A deficiency of vitamin A can be a leading suspect for chronic dry skin. Vitamin A a has been shown to help maintain the epithelial tissue or lining of the skin. And Vitamin A is easily added to your diet by eating carrots. Keep in mind--too much--Vitamin A can be the cause of dry, peeling skin. In fact vitamin A is so potent in causing skin to peel--a number of skin care product manufacturers-- use vitamin A as the main ingredient in their skin peel preparations. 

Other important vitamin for dry skin candidates include:

- Vitamin D --  which can be obtained from Sunlight, fortified milk, cereals
- Vitamin E -- you can get Vitamin E from Corn, sunflower oil, asparagus, oats, carrots, wheat germ
- The vitamin B complex which you can gain from Whole grains, liver, and hemp seed oil


Some other well known culprits for a dry skin problem. Are a lack of:

- Potassium - which can be found in potatoes, squash, peaches, bananas, tomatoes, hemp seed oil
- Sodium --  Sources included Dill pickles, olives, tuna, other saltwater fish (warning sodium deficiency is very rare)!!
- Copper -- helps with the formation of collagen -- the connective tissue vital to good skin. A great source of copper is hemp seed oil.

A deficiency in essential fatty acids (EFAs) normally the omega 3, 6, and 9 combination can definitely be a source of dry skin issues. EFAs can easily be added to your diet by eating fish, fish oil, flax seed oil, canola oil, -- one of the very best for vegans or people that just don’t like fish oil is hemp seed oil.

Beautiful, healthy, soft, supple properly moisturized skin is your right and a product of a proper balance of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. This balance can be obtained with  a proper healthy well balanced diet. If you are in very good health odds are your skin will be too. That is the importance of the proper vitamin for dry skin. Sometimes though it is difficult to maintain the optimal diet all the time. Even the best of sometimes needs a little help.

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